Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's My Birthdayyyyyyy

So I turned 20....ehm something today yeeeeeeeey!!

I just want to thank everyone who called me domestically and internationally....the million facebook and BBM messages!!! You really made this day special!!

And most of all to my bestest of friends...without you it's not complete....you know who you are!! 

I leave you with the pix...they speak for themselves:

The first pix are gifts from my family

And the second are from lunch with my girlfriends (@ GBK yummm!)

My collegues surprise party at work!! I love you guysssssss

the amazingly sweet thing is that if you see in the pix above they thought creativly to incorporate all the things I love: Coffee, Ladybugs, Spa candle, online shopping book and ofcourse PARIS!!

Gosh that brought tears to my eyes!!! :(

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