Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bahrain Memories: Tea Club

This place litrally made my jaw drop! i never thought that a place this pretty existed!

I wanna live there!!! really, I never wanted to leave...

ofcourse 10/10

Bahrain memories: Cafe Lilou

I am in love with this reminds me of Paris!
If i ever open a cafe it would look like this
I Heart!!!/pages/Caf%C3%A9-Lilous/30300126640

New Purchases

I wanted to share some of my favorite recent purchases

Estee Lauder Mascra: Sold black lashes ;)

YSL eyebrows pen: it's good and has a cute little brush in the other end to tidy up ur eyebrows, comes in 4 shades

Lancome Brown eye khol: it's amazing because it gives my eyes a softer look instead of the harsh look of black eye khol

Product Review: Peal off mask

I am in looooove with this, it just peels off ur face taking allllllllllll the nasties with it ;)

Restaurant review: Narjeel

Located in Qurum inside Asas Oman building.

Restaurant review: Mokha Cafe

I just love chilling's sooo peaceful and quiet and lovelyyyyyyy, it has the bessst coffee :D

also, the cute little botique doesn't hurt either ;)

Rating 1000000000/10 :D

For Details:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Item #8: Chanel clutch

Item #7: Chanel clutch

Item #6: Chanel bracelet

Item #5: Burberry cardigan

Item #4: Chanel shoulder bag

Item #3: Hermes watch

Item #2: Hermes bracelet

Item #1: Christian Louboutin pumps

Its my birthday soon again :S

OK so it's my birthday again...uhhhh boy!

So I have decided from this year on not celebrate or to ask for gifts....that's it!!!!!! Am old!!!!! ehm!

but it wouldn't hurt to share with you some of my favorite things on my wishlist.

So I will be connecting some pix from my Polyvore likes...enjoy!

Birthday Quote: I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet. -Carrie

Friday, June 10, 2011

I need to loose weight!!!!!!!!

And what better way to do that than to eat more junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

Restaurant review: Naz Naz's pre-Birthday dinner @ Shahrazad

Last night we threw a pre-Birthday surprise dinner for my sister @ Shahrazad.

It's a Moroccan restaurant located in A Husn as part of the ShangriLa hotels in Barr al Jissah

I am not a big fan of Morrocna food, but it's prices, athmosphere, 2 man music duo is amazing! especially when you sit at the outdoor terras the view is just magical!!!

Happy Birthday Naz Naz! We had such a blast!

Harrirah soup

Koftah Tajin

Lamb Tajin

Royal Cous Cous (with chicken, lamb and arabic sausages)
The tables had rose cute!
Chocolate Mousse cake

Morrocan tea

I was soooooooo full at the end of it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 9/10!!!

For reservations:

Restaurant Review: Browniz

I like the locaion of has a beach view and in nice weather the outside seating is really nice..

food is really good...but a bit slow!! so don't go there if u were in a hurry!!

I really enjoyed this drink! it's called SWEET ROSE!! how cute!!

It's a milk coffee with rose syrup at the bottom (don't know why it's green!!!)

but it was really yummy and hit the spot real good for a coffee addict like me!!

the Submarine sandwich (Turkey, cheese, salad)

Labnah, honey, hallomi cheese and zaatar/cheese fatayer

Rating 7/10

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