Sunday, January 3, 2010

it's 2010 ya'll

Haya peoplzzzzzzz… Happy New Year and may God grant you all that you wish for.

So tell me, how did u celebrate?

Uhhh I wish that I’ve celebrated my New Year’s in Melbourne (I miss homeeeeee), or NYC, but oh well at least I got to celebrate with my beloved family and friends here in Muscat. We had a very intimate BBQ in our house garden under the moonlight and sounds of a Spanish singer (we bought his CD after meeting him twice *busking* in Luzern while having dinner, he sang for me and my sisters especially on his guitar, so so romantic)

Anyways it felt amazing, really didn’t feel like Muscat, especially with the wonderful weather..

Cards given to guests

the Moon that night!


Chicken and lamb yummm :)

Turkish tea!


Cheese cake when it hit midnight!
So with this amazing start of 2010 you’d think that the following week would be a blast right? Eeeeek wrong!! It’s actually not so good family wise nor work wise!! Uhh this doesn’t sound promising!!!

Anyways am gonna be optimistic and say that ALLLLLLLL is WELLL, and everything IS gonna be allright again (I saw that in a movie).

Oh well…wish me luck!! xoxo

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