Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hey guys...well i didnt blog in a while

but am sick @ home at the moment =(

i'll post my Kuwait adventure update soon ;)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Embaaarak ya Eiiiiiid

I would like to wish you all a happy Eid may God bring upon you happiness and peace
Am so happy because I got 9 days off work + I took 2 more days!!!
I am finally going to Kuwait, I never been there before…am going with my girlfriends and we are going to do all the goofy touristy stuff :)

I will post details and pictures when I come back….

VMA faux pa!

So who liked this year's VMA's Fashion???

Errr I really didn't!!! What went wrong?

Any comments?

Wanna Go Blond?

Ok so lately I’ve been really loving the Blonds (A.K.A Phillipe & David Blond)

I don’t know what triggered it? Was it their Fab. Futuristic Barbie look? (Barbie's 50th Anniversary Runway Show Feb, 2009) or was it their amazingly bloody corset appearing in the new saw VI posters (am a huuuuge Saw movies buff)

So anyway I don’t know what it was…but I loooove them :D

If you haven’t heard of them then….well I’ll leave you with the pictures
One of the pix is of david and phillipe …guess which one? Hehe
And please let me know your views on them..

Crack Kate?

Ok so I reaaaaaaaaly hate Kate Moss, I mean with a capital H!!!

What pisses me off is that we are made to love this whole heroin chic crap! Young girls shouldn’t take her as their role model!! We said that loooong ago but where is Kate now? She is Still a big hit!!!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaaat? I thought that with this behavior she must be sacked sometime?! Even worse more and more young models behave like her and it seems acceptable!!!

So I am sending a message to the fashion industry…what the H**** are you thinking? Or getting to?

She’s not even appeaaaaaaaaaaaaling in her photoshoots!!! Like ewwww!

Why Johnny Depp…whyyyyyy :’(

Come on convince me? Why do u like/hate her???


Ok well am very bored! you might have seen these images before, but I wanted to share with you some of the bizarrest shoes…. From bored shoe makers to shoe artists-gone-mad! Such as our beloved Louboutin and Marc Jacobs!!

The Lost Symbol

OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGGG so I just walked into borders today and BAAAAAAM I saw it! The Lost Symbol is in OMAAAAN!! OMG

I couldn't believe it, I was watching the countdown on the lost symbol came out today and apparently it came out in every borders!! I didn’t expect it to show up here for another month at least
Well for you who don't know what the H*** am I ranting about...the lost symbol is a book by Dan Brown the Author of the Da Vinci Code and Angels & Daemons...well this is the third in this series so I can't wait to read it then watch the movie ;)
I'll keep u posted with my comments as I read through it...but for you who are reading it, or are gonna read it...please share your comment =D

Hello fellow shoe-aholics!!!

Hello to all the girls (and boys) who are addicted to the single invention that was made for our comfort initially but as it gets more beautiful it gets insanely uncomfortable (not to mention more expensive)...

To all of you who share my addiction I say G'day and welcome to the journey of my life and the shoes that I stumble across in this journey....I’m R...or as my family call me Yanya ;)

Follow my blog to hear the latest on shoes, fashion and ofcourse my fabulous life :D And now I am gonna leave you with two of my very favorite shoes...of course you know who made them ;)

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