Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crack Kate?

Ok so I reaaaaaaaaly hate Kate Moss, I mean with a capital H!!!

What pisses me off is that we are made to love this whole heroin chic crap! Young girls shouldn’t take her as their role model!! We said that loooong ago but where is Kate now? She is Still a big hit!!!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaaat? I thought that with this behavior she must be sacked sometime?! Even worse more and more young models behave like her and it seems acceptable!!!

So I am sending a message to the fashion industry…what the H**** are you thinking? Or getting to?

She’s not even appeaaaaaaaaaaaaling in her photoshoots!!! Like ewwww!

Why Johnny Depp…whyyyyyy :’(

Come on convince me? Why do u like/hate her???

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