Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bad News!!!!

Ok so I have decided to take a food allergy test in order to find out why am I always tired and weak :S even with all the healthy food I eat...the test is done on a drop of blood by a small prick on your finger then taken to a lab to be tested against 113 allergens.

I was sooo excited to find out the results not knowing that the results will change my life!!!!

Well it turned out that am allergic to cow’s milk and wheat…you think that’s simple right? Wroooooooooooong!!

Here is a small list of some of the things that I can’t have:

Ice cream
Lattes :'''''''''(
Eat out in general!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Etc etc etc

Thank God that this is a common allergy so there are plenty of substitutes out there….but it’s a big hassle because there are not many restaurants that cater for gluten free dairy free foods…

As soon as I found out I went and got: gluten free pasta, goat’s cheese, soy bread etc.
Well what I miss the most is bread, because I looooooooove bread in all types, shapes and forms and can’t find many substitutes in Oman.
Here are some pix of my new diet!
p.s: I looove veggies and I always had salads everyday so this was not much change.

Soy Caramel Freppe...

 Goat's cheese

Gluten free pasta


Oh well I guess the good thing is that this will help me lose weight ya? :D

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