Friday, September 9, 2011

Spa Review: Chi Spa

Ok I had a wonderful Spa day on Thursday.

Where? Chi Spa @ my favorite Shangri –La

Ok and now for the details:

First I must say that I loved the form they give you. If you are having a message, you fill a form for them to find out your element, this determines what oil they can use for you.

My element was Metal :D

Metal is the element of beauty and protection. Metal personalities hold themselves and others in the highest regard, living with principle and reason. Metal people are drawn to green and white colors, and like sour and spicy foods. They are "morning" people, and dislike heat and humid weather conditions.

You can find out what your metal by filling this small Quiz

 On the form also is a body silhouette where you could circle the areas that you want them to focus on and X the areas that you don’t want a focus on. This is amazing! Because I always have to sit and explain to the masseuse awkwardly where I want her to focus!

So My treatment was: Aroma Vitality message

1hr 30mins

OMR 60 + Tax

A relaxing massage bringing together elements of Swedish, Shiatsu and Reflexology. Designed to strengthen the body's vital energy so you emerge with renewed spirit.

You can view the Menu for more options

All treatments are done in outside villas scattered around the spa, you can go alone, with a friend or as a couple. The villas are huge with a big bath (for bath rituals), 2 message beds, and a big sofa.

Treatment Villa

Before and after your treatment you get to use the spa facilities which are shown in the below pix. So make sure you pack your swim suit!

 Changing room where you get your own locker, toiletry package and a lovely kimono style silk robe and slippers.


 indoor relaxing area

Refreshments table (snacks, magazines, tea and lemon water)


I love these they had them everywhere!
Outdoor relaxing area

Jacuzzi (which I had all to myself and loooved it)
 Waterfall/jet shower

This is where they do the mud treatment

Ahhhhhhhh blissss xoxo

Rating: 9/10 (it’s more fun if you are with someone)
Price? A bit pricy but worth every penny…it’s a once in a while thing.

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