Thursday, October 1, 2009

The City 2

Helllooo people of earth…am back! :D

I finally could pull myself out of bed (had the flu for a week!!! – kh kh kh)

And since it’s the weekend I thought of doing some blogging ;)

Ok so whoever knows me would know that am a HUGGGGE fan of “The Hills

I mean am obsessed!!! The show stars the ever gorgeous Lauren Conrad and it’s a reality show following her and her fashionista friends through LA’s fashion world… of course with a little drama from BFFs and Boyfriends

(For more details and episodes go here:  The Hills)

So you can imagine how bummed I was when I found out that Lauren is leaving The Hills!!! Whaaaat? Where am I supposed to get my fix of fashion and drama now?

Ok so one of The Hills main stars was Whitney Port…the gorgeous/leggy/model-like/angel friend of Lauren. Whitney decided to move to NYC to pursue fashion and her own line and ofcourse a new show called “The City” followed her life. I was stoked right? Finally am getting my fix again….beeeeep WRONG!! The show bummed BIG time in the first season! It was dull and lacked excitement. For the second season I decided to give Whitney a second chance…and I am glad to announce SUCCESS!!! I just watched the first episode and I LOVE IT! Especially the revealing of Olivia’s true bitch self!

(for more details and episodes go to: The City)

Soooo yup my life is saved ;)

What do you think??? Do you watch it? Do you think it’s lame? And which rocks more Lauren or Whitney?

I’ll be waiting for ur comments

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